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Last joined us: Niezly Hunt Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player is: Jafar (2025 lvl) Congratulations!
We have 19 guilds
Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
25 May 2016 (22:31) fixed bloodthirster sword (Atk:57, Def:33 +2, sword fighting +3).
18 May 2016 (00:39) Added some Towns on the Legends website left side. eg: - full information will be added later.
14 May 2016 (17:29) Mawhawk resp added.
21 July 2016 (00:09) by Admin Skeyba - Buy it!

Hello everyone,
I am busy, dont have time so I decide to sell my serwers.
| 8.6| 8.6| 10.9|

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Include everything:
*every files, know-how
* VIP ACCOUNT with all domains, also it is easy to generate new domains for free, cuz its VIP
*login server + data + www 8.6
*login server + data + www 8.6
*login server + data + nice www 10.9, easy to update to the newest tibia client.
*Remere map editor
*Facebook Fanpage 6,887likes, 7,411 post reach this week without Boost Post! People from all the World: SWE,BRAZIL,POLAND,EGYPT etc.
*tutorial how to generate individual promotion premium points codes ( for players and sent it via Facebook or using SMS. Tutorial how to sent sms from PC, very cheap, works in Poland, but if in Your country are no limit SMS Sim Cards it will works too.
*130 coins on

My 8.6 data packs has excelent systems, example: logs with every players talks in game, auto database backup, Active and Afk players system, anti crash system and much much more!

Price? 690 EUR, on first server edition it is easy to earn this money.
You have an idea for the server and enthusiasm to run it? Do not hesitate and take it today!

07 June 2016 (08:54) by Admin Skeyba - Mega Exp

We decide to modify exp stage,
now to 1000lvl exp multiplier = 999x
Have Fun :)

also updated 
 and LvlUp points.

25 May 2016 (14:28) by Admin Skeyba - New Exp Stage!

20 May 2016 (15:58) by Admin Skeyba - 1H to START! .:10.9 Rl-Map:. starts on Friday 20 May 2016 at:
 17:00 - Central Europe Time (Poland, Sweden, Norway, Germany)
 16:00 - Greenwich Mean Time (Great Britain) 
 12:00 - Brasilia Time (Brazil)
 11:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (New York)
 10:00 - Central Daylight Time (Mexico) 
 10:30 - Venezuelan Standard Time (Venezuela)

 →Promotion: All online players 3 hours after server start can get a present
 →Promocja: Wszyscy gracze online 3h po starcie mogą odebrać prezent

16 May 2016 (11:41) by Admin Skeyba - START - Friday 20 May 2016 .:10.9 Rl-Map:. starts on Friday 20 May 2016 at:
17:00 - Central Europe Time (Poland, Sweden, Norway, Germany)
16:00 - Greenwich Mean Time (Great Britain) 
12:00 - Brasilia Time (Brazil)
11:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (New York)
10:00 - Central Daylight Time (Mexico) 
10:30 - Venezuelan Standard Time (Venezuela) .:10.9 Rl-Map:. startuje w Piątek 20 Maja 2016 o 17:00 ! starts and invites You to populate our world
The game takes place on the FULL RL-Map + Gengia, Oken, Pyre etc ... This map is great for random players and guilds! The adventure begins in the Thais temple. The player receives basic equipment. Spears is unlimited, and vials disappear automatically from your backpack. Balanced professions, Cast system to stream the game and much much more...:)

Now it's the time for the promotion!
Like us on Facebook!
And, write to us with a private message and in response You will get the codes with points. startuje i zaprasza Cię do zasiedlenia naszego świata!
Gra ma miejsce na 100% RL-Map + Gengia, Oken, Pyre etc ... Mapa jest świetna dla pojedynczych graczy jak i dla gildii! Przygoda zaczyna się w świątyni Thais. Gracz otrzymuje podstawowe EQ. Speary się nie kończą, viale znikają z backpacka. Postacie są zbalansowane, używaj Casy Systemu do streamowania gry i odkrywaj więcej więcej więcej...:)

Czas na promocję!
Polub nas na Facebooku!
I napisz do nas prywatną wiadomość na FB, w odpowiedzi dostaniesz pkt na swoje pierwsze itemy.

→ a lot of players, all teams together

→ Motivation to get next lvl: free premium points and CC on specific lvl.

→ Bosses prison Roshamuul

→ Cast system works

→ Casino - everyone loves gambling

→ A lot of rankings: top guilds, frags etc.

→ Full Raids 

→ Battlefield Event

→ Zombie Event

→ Krailos

→ New Arena

→ Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest

→ Equip HOTKEY
→ one of the most advanced game engine, having a stability, no lag, no crashes

→ and much much more!

How to get free points on start?

→ duży graczy, wszystkie teamy razem

→ Motywator expienia: otrzymuj punkty premium za wbicie kolejnych lvli

→ Bosy w prison Roshamuul

→ Cast system do streamowania swojej gry

→ Casino - każdy lubi spróbować swojego szczęścia

→ Wiele rankingów: top guilds, frags etc.

→ Wiele Rajdów

→ Battlefield Event

→ Zombie Event

→ Krailos

→ Nowa arena z

→ Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest

→ Equip HOTKEY
→ jeden z bardziej dopracowanych silników, stabilny, bez lagów, bez crashy

→ i wiele wiele więcej!

Jak otrzymać punkty premium na start?
                           |Create account now!|                                                            |Stwórz Konto!|

Here you will find all basic information about 10.9 RL-MAP:
Server specification:Intel Core i7
2 TB + SSD
Connection:1 Gbps
Client:Tibia 10.9 Download TibiaLoader
Exp stages:
Level: normal exp : Super exp event
Level: 1-50 : 999x : 1800x
Level: 51-80 : 600x : 1200x
Level: 81-100 : 300x : 600x
Level: 101-119 : 100x : 200x
Level: 120-139 : 80x : 160x
Level: 140-149 : 50x : 100x
Level: 150-159 : 25x : 50x
Level: 160-169 : 20 : 40x
Level: 170-179 : 15 : 30x
Level: 180-189 : 8x : 16x
Level: 190-209 : 6x : 12x
Level: 210-219 : 5x : 10x
Level: 220-229 : 3x : 6x
Level: 230-249 : 3x : 6x
Level: 250-269 : 3x : 6x
Level: 270-299 : 2.5x : 5x
Level: 300-450 : 2.5x : 5x
Level: 451+ : 2.5x : 5x

* Super exp event is a special exp stage during Exp Event.
You can expect it on weekends and holidays.
PVP Protection:100lvl
You can't be killed by other players until you get 100 level.
Blessing:Free blessing to 120lvl
After this time type !bless to buy all bleasing.
Skill / Magic Rate:20x / 20x
Loot Rate:3.0x
Frags & skull system: kills To RedSkull = 15 / day
kills To BlackSkull = 25 / day
whiteSkull Time = 7min
Map:→Edited REAL MAP 
→ ZAO, → Farmine, → Oken,Gengia,Pyre,Travora,Itea,Trelis,Heniguam,New Arena,Krailos,Roshamuul,Oramond, etc..
Level points:
100 lvl - 10 premium points
140 lvl - 10 premium points
160 lvl - 20 premium points
180 lvl - 20 premium points
200 lvl - 30 premium points
220 lvl - 30 premium points
240 lvl - 40 premium points
260 lvl - 40 premium points
280 lvl - 50 premium points
300 lvl - 50 premium points
320 lvl - 60 premium points
340 lvl - 60 premium points
360 lvl - 80 premium points
400 lvl - 100 premium points
450 lvl - 120 premium points
500 lvl - 140 premium points
550 lvl - 200 premium points
Level cash:90lvl - 1cc
!shop - pick up your item from the shop sms.
!bug "text" - tell us about all bugs and errors. Please stand next to the bug. Report bugs and grant premium points! The best bugs are visible in changelog.
!buyhouse - buy house, Use this while standing in front of the door.
!leavehouse - leavehouse.
aleta sio - Edit the list of characters that are invited into the house.
aleta som - Edit the list of sub-owners of the house.
alana sio "character" - This will kick a player out of your house, to the front door.
aleta grav - Edit the list of characters that can open and close the target door. Use this while standing in a doorway or facing the door.
!uptime - server uptime.
!online - online players.
!serverinfo - server information.
!go - change Guild Outfit.
!aol - buy aol.
!bless - all blessing. (free blessing to 120lvl)

!cast on
  !cast off
Since 2009
# Support 24h
# Contact email:
# Free Pacc
# Balanced vocations
# Great guild wars
# Professional Mapping
# All Working Potions
# This isnt all, join us to see what a wonderful server this is! 

19 April 2016 (23:37) by Admin Skeyba - Open Beta Tests on Legends.min

I would like to invite You to start beta tests on

  • Free sms shop - 1000 premium points on 10lvl advance
  • please report bugs: !bug text - it can be bugs in game and website errors also
  • Open Beta server info
Of course we need improve a lot of thinks eg. make better vocations balance but it is why we have this Open Beta Tests :)
The best bugs reporters will reward premium points on Normal edition of Legends in a future and have a chance to be a new member of SUPPORT !

Thank You all! All players who was playing on Beta - rewarded points to shop offer.